Today was fridge clean up day. Fun stuff I know but, because I have depleted numerous containers of mustard, a bottle each of tamari and soy sauce, the jar of mayonnaise and a jar of almond butter as part of the condiment challenge, I now have room in my fridge to reorganize it.

As a side, nothing really to do with this post, months ago I found the best idea for organizing a fridge, desk organizers. It changed my life. You can put all your little jars of things in the organizers and slide them around instead of digging through produce to find your bottle of Tabasco (or two if you are me). The other plus is that I no longer of dried, gummy puddles of leaked juices from tipped bottles in my fridge waiting for me to come clean them up. They are caught in the baskets. Today one of the baskets caught a leak from a Worcestershire sauce. I just rinsed the basket out in the sink and back it went. Seriously, look at how beautifully organized that fridge is.

Back to the condiments. As I was cleaning the fridge I decided to make a list of what I had left to clear out. Believe it or not, there are 37 items in there that are classified as condiments. That doesn’t count the three bottles of syrup (pure maple, sugar free and some high grad maple…again, who can tell the difference). Over lunch I discussed the list with Captain and we both agreed that the huge bottle of Sriracha would probably be the most difficult to rid ourselves of. We have used one tablespoon once in one recipe for a dip for sweet potato fries (mayo, sriracha, lime and garlic). It was a good dip but nothing that we eat too often so no need to make it.

There are entire websites, pieces of artwork and books devoted to the sauce with the white bird. At this point I don’t get the affection to the sauce but I have a feeling, being that no recipe calls for more than a tablespoon of it, that I better like it if we are going to use it up.

Captain is up for the Sriracha challenge (Cuteness not so much) so we are going to be cooking with Sriracha this week. I’ll let you know how it goes but check our The White Rooster board on Pinterest for a number of recipes we are going to be trying this week.

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