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<——– This is me. I’m the author of this here blog about living on Bloomfield Road. I live on Bloomfield Road and think it is a life worth sharing with others. I strive to be creative and find inspiration in just about everything. Some of the items I write about will be featured in my Etsy store, which can be found here.

This is my husband. ————> Husband and child with tank.He is pretty cool and I’m very lucky that he found me and then decided to marry me. This was a lucky shot. We were visiting my grandmother at her home. In the town she lives in there is this tank that the town received during WWII for collecting scrap metal. He looks pretty handsome with his little mini me. We’ll just call him Captain. Like some superhero.


<———- This here to the left is Cuteness.  Captain and I made him. You can’t Photoshop cute, so yes, this is really how adorable he is. He is fearless like his dad. He is a Boy, with a capital B. His first words after mama and daddy were ball and car. He insists on pointing them out whenever he can. In parking lots, stores or when he sees them in books. He likes to be tossed through the air, have books read to him and to play outside no matter what the temperature or weather is like (which is good because it is wet here an awful lot).

So, there we are. The family at Bloomfield Road. This blog is about our life, how live and is for all those looking for a piece of what we have. I hope you enjoy it and find a way to take a piece of our wonderful life and to make it yours too.

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